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Best WhatsApp status for a life partner in English

Hello, friends today I am here with you best Whatsapp status for a life partner in English. There all the WhatsApp status is very romantic and best for the cute life partner status in English. You can use this nice life partner Whatsapp statuses in your Facebook and Instagram story and status. if you like this status then share it with friends.


When life gets blurry adjust your focus

real Queens fix each other’s crown

Dad thanks for saying yes whenever mom said no.

Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole

 cats rule the world

   be the person your dog thinks you are

  usually, I am fine but my heartbeat tells me that my heart misses you

 be confident with the skin you are in

 shine bright like the tip of my nose

 I wasn’t made to fall inline

 be a voice, not an echo

 a beautiful soul

 nothing last forever

 high Tides good Vibes

 let the sea set you free

  don’t turn me on I don’t have an  off switch

 so cold she will turn your summer into winter

I can come to your city and make it my town CLASSIANA

 attitude on 99 but I am not even 5,5

 I am not like other girls I know that I want for dinner I have been thinking about its since lunch

 my mood depends on how good my hair looks

 wishful thinking 

No more distractions 

Yeah  but you are not the reason anymore

 God has a plan trust it lives it enjoy it

 can’t break a broken heart

 we are basically sisters

 you decide if you’re ever gone let me know

 always tired but never of you

 a Vibe no one else can replace

 daydreamer and a night thinker

 nobody does it better

 remind me to forget


 great to be back

 I enjoy being alone my soul is at peace in the silence

 you can turn your chaos  into magic

 I prefer to be alone because all the places and people around me are the same

 dissolve your ego love will bloom

 trust what you feel in your heart not what you hear 



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